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When was the last time you had a deep cleanse, exfoliation, unclogged those pores, and really felt your skin was nourished? As your holistic esthetician, I can help you get the glow you’re looking for.

Click the links below to read brief descriptions of each facial service at both locations. To book with me click “Book Now” and select my name in the booking process. I can’t wait to see you!


Mondays in Mission Valley 4:15pm - 9pm
Tuesdays in Mission Valley 3:15pm - 9pm
Wednesdays in Sorrento Valley 3:15pm - 9pm
Fridays in Mission Valley 2:15pm - 9pm
First Sunday of the Month in Mission Valley 9am - 3pm
Second Saturday of the Month in Mission Valley 9am - 5pm
Third Saturday of the Month in Sorrento Valley 9am - 5pm


Mondays 9am - 2pm
Wednesdays 9am - 2pm
Thursdays 9am - 2pm