I am beyond thankful for Lauren’s guidance the past three months. I had been seeing a dermatologist for over two years and was so frustrated as my acne continued to worsen. Nothing I tried, including prescription topicals and hormonal birth control, helped. After reaching out to Lauren, her skin tips and lifestyle guide have been a life-saver. I saw immediate results after implementing her recommendations for probiotics, foods, and products! Within a month of following her guidelines, my skin completely changed! It is clear and continues to heal. Thank you, Lauren, for being such a great resource and I can’t wait to see all that the future holds for you!
— Rachele, New York

Lauren has a way of working with people that is so gentle and truly empathetic. One of my favorite parts about doing her 3 month health coaching program was the delicious smoothie recipes she shared with me! Just from her guidance in implementing homemade smoothies into my diet daily, I have seen a tremendous difference in my energy levels and digestion. She is a doll and a wealth of knowledge and I know that people will not be disappointed with working with her!
— Brianna, California

I needed some positive influence and guidance to get to where I needed be. With everything going on in my life, the concept of health was pretty overwhelming. There are so many options out there, I had no idea where to begin. Lauren really helped me form a plan, gave advice and tools that I’ve applied to my daily lifestyle and really motivated me to take control. I am very appreciative of that.
— Nathaniel, Maine

I’m not sure I have ever felt such gentle hands when receiving a facial. Lauren is super thorough and has the best line-up of skin care products I have ever seen!! My skin, which has been acne prone for over 3 months, has FINALLY cleared up because of Lauren’s recommendations and hands-on holistic approach.
— Brianna, California

I was connected with Lauren via a friend who shared natural beauty tips with me in the past. I was experiencing acne for the first time (after age 30!) after shifting to non-hormonal birth control and really struggling with how to clear up my skin without harsh chemicals. Lauren offered a variety of possible solutions, why she liked them, adding what worked for her personally. I appreciated that she sent multiple possible solutions/things for me to think about, spanning a wide range of costs, which was also nice. Lauren sent a number of tips on how to start working toward clear skin, and mentioned her own struggles with acne in the past which made me feel like the issue I was facing was totally solvable.
— Adrienne, WASHINGTON, DC

My facial was a total treat for me! Everything felt wonderful, honestly. Pressure on the massage was great and I like how she communicated what she was going to do and what was being used - I’ve never had that before in a facial which I really liked. My skin feels really refreshed right now! I don’t even have any constructive criticism.
— Emily, California